DOI: 10.53570/jnt.1326344 ISSN: 2149-1402

Analyzing Stability and Data Dependence Notions by a Novel Jungck-Type Iteration Method

  • Geology
  • Ocean Engineering
  • Water Science and Technology
Finding the ideal circumstances for a mapping to have a fixed point is the fundamental goal of fixed point theory. These criteria can also be used for the structure under investigation. One of this theory’s most well-known theorems, Banach’s fixed point theorem, has been expanded adopting various methods, making it possible to conduct numerous research studies. Thanks to the Jungck-Contraction Theorem, which has been proven through commutative mappings, many fixed point theorems have been obtained using classical fixed point iteration methods and newly defined methods. This study aims to investigate the convergence, stability, convergence rate, and data dependency of the new four-step fixed-point iteration method. Nontrivial examples are also included to support some of the results herein.

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