DOI: 10.1111/jocd.16151 ISSN: 1473-2130

Analysis of the efficacy of blunt separation combined with uncrosslinked sodium hyaluronate composite solution for the treatment of tear trough deformity in Asians

Richeng Dong, Qingmei Jin, Jiahui Zhi, Meilin Jin, Yang Gao, Meilan Nan, Zhehu Jin, Chenglong Jin
  • Dermatology



Filling therapy is becoming increasingly popular for correcting tear trough deformities (TTD). However, its therapeutic effect and retention time are limited.


To improve the clinical efficacy and safety of TTD treatment in Asians, we used a blunt separation technique to break the adhesion site of periorbital subcutaneous tissue, and while repairing skin dermis after injury, it was combined with uncrosslinked hyaluronic acid compound solution to promote collagen regeneration and treat TTDs.


Twenty‐six Chinese patients (21 women and 5 men) with TTD, with a mean age of 34.54 ± 9.21 (range, 20–56) years, were enrolled. Symptom improvement, recurrence rates, treatment safety, and patient satisfaction were evaluated.


All patients' tear trough rating scale (TTRS) scores decreased significantly immediately after treatment. The TTRS scores at 1, 3, and 6 months, and 1 year after treatment demonstrated significant differences from those before treatment (all p < 0.05). All patients' experienced mild pain, erythema, and swelling during the treatment. Three patients developed postinjection bruising after treatment, which lasted for 6–7 days and subsequently disappeared. No other adverse reactions were observed during the follow‐up. There were no recurrent cases, and patient satisfaction was very high.


Blunt separation combined with an uncrosslinked sodium hyaluronate composite solution is safe and effective for treating TTDs in Asians with few side effects and has good clinical application prospects.

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