DOI: 10.1111/srt.13427 ISSN: 0909-752X

A retrospective 10 years‐ experience overview of dye laser treatments for vascular pathologies

Cannarozzo Giovanni, Pennati Beatrice Marina, Zingoni Tiziano
  • Dermatology



The Flash‐lamp pulsed dye laser (FPDL) is nowadays considered the most precise laser currently on the market for treating superficial vascular lesions. In this study, we gathered data from 10 years of experience regarding dye laser treatment of patients presenting vascular malformations such as telangiectasia, rhinophyma, port‐wine stain, cherry and spider angioma and vascular tumours.


Subjects were enrolled from 2013 to 2023 based on the vascular anomalies they presented. They underwent different treatment sessions with the FPDL device.


The age‐range distribution by vascular anomaly confirmed that haemangiomas are typical in children while rhinophyma is a condition very common in older adults. A difference in sex distribution showed that pathologies such as telangiectasias typically affect women whereas rhinophyma is more frequent in men. Most of the treatments interested the face area but no permanent side effects were registered.


Our 10 years of experience with FPDL demonstrated good results in a wide range of applications for the treatment of different vascular anomalies. The absence of long‐term side effects and bearable pain during the treatment makes it a valuable solution for the resolution of benign tumours also in very young patients.

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