DOI: 10.3390/ma16247633 ISSN: 1996-1944

Analysis of Factors Affecting the Preparation of Mullite Whiskers from Silica-Rich Slag and Application Studies

Shangwen Zhu, Xiaohua Gu, Siwen Liu, Yan Liu
  • General Materials Science

This paper presents an in-depth comparative study of the effects of different molten salt systems, catalyst additions, preparation temperatures, temperature rise rates, and holding times on the properties of mullite whiskers during their preparation process, as well as exploring the enhancement of the toughening effect of mullite whiskers on ceramics. The morphology, crystal structure, and composition of the whiskers were analyzed via SEM, XRD, TG, strength tests, etc. The results show that the best-performing mullite whisker was prepared with an aluminum sulfate molten salt system, with the addition of aluminum fluoride catalyst at 4%, a temperature increase rate of 5 °C, a temperature increase up to 850 °C, and a holding time of 5 h, and its aspect ratio reached 20.64. By adding different contents of mullite whiskers and comparing the toughness strengths and wear rates of the silicon carbide ceramics, it was found that the toughness strength of the ceramics was improved by more than 16.5% and the wear rate was lower than 0.4% when the addition of mullite whisker was more than 3%.

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