Yi‐Ning Hung, Yi‐Ching Wang, Zi‐Jian Chen, Jye‐Shane Yang

Anaerobic photocyclization of ortho‐dialkylamino substituted stiff‐stilbenes

  • General Chemistry

AbstractThe photocyclization of diarylethenes toward polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and analogs has been well‐documented. However, stiff‐stilbene was reported to be inactive, and examples of photocyclization‐induced deamination remain unknown. Here, we report that ortho‐(N,N‐dimethylamino)‐stiff‐stilbene (1a) undergoes efficient photocyclization‐induced deamination, forming the dicyclopenta‐fused phenanthrene (DCPP) with good yield (65%) under anaerobic conditions. The relative reactivities of stiff‐stilbenes with different o‐amino substituents (1b–1g) or with an o‐methoxy (1h) group, and those of o‐(N,N‐dimethylamino)stilbenes (2a and 2aMe), provide insights into the substituent and structural effects.

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