Xinjun Xie, Shaodi Zheng, Jianbo Tan, Jinzhan Cheng, Jiancheng Cai, Zisheng Xu, Shiju E

An Integrated Charge Excitation Alternative Current Dielectric Elastomer Generator for Joint Motion Energy Harvesting

  • Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Mechanics of Materials
  • General Materials Science

AbstractJoint movement is a plentiful source of energy in living organisms; however, it is challenging to harvest due to its multidirectional nature, and effective technologies for harnessing this energy are lacking. In this study, a novel approach is presented to harvest joint motion energy by combining an alternating current dielectric elastomer generator (AC‐DEG) with an electret nanogenerator (ENG). The ACENG‐DEG, utilizing ion hydrogel electrodes and ENG, exhibits remarkable stretchability (860%) and efficiently converts mechanical energy into electrical energy through a stretch‐based mechanism. With only 37 cycles, the device reaches a saturation voltage of 1.18 kV and generates an output charge of 1.96 µC per cycle. Notably, the charge output response speed is approximately four times faster than that of traditional AC‐DEGs. The proposed strategy for harvesting human mechanical energy in this study represents a promising pathway for developing high‐performance energy harvesting devices and self‐powered systems.

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