DOI: 10.52037/eads.2023.0030 ISSN: 2757-6744

An Infodemiological Study on Google Search Trends for 'Gum Bleeding': Demographic, Economic, and Temporal Perspectives

Ezgi Sıla TAŞKALDIRAN, Süleyman Emre MEŞELİ
  • General Materials Science
ABSTRACT Purpose: The presented study was aimed to investigate the level of interest in gingival bleeding among internet users and its relationship with. demographic. economic and temporal variables. Materials and Methods: In this study. the relative search volume of the term "gum bleeding" both quarterly and annually from the data provided by Google Trends for 2017-2021 was analysed. The provincial level of interest in this term was analyzed along with the gross domestic product. population. data on illiteracy and data on dental visit obtained from the Turkish Statistical Institute and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey. Statistical significance was set at p0.05). Analysis of quarter-based data showed a lower volume for the term in the third quarters each of 2021. 2020. and 2018 compared to the other quarters (p=0.012. p=0.035. p 0.05). Conclusion: The outcomes revealed that gingival bleeding. an early sign of periodontal disease. exhibits seasonal variations. with a decrease during the summer months. No direct relationship was observed between provincial interest level and any variables. Google Trends data provides valuable insights into user interest in gingival bleeding. contributing to the understanding of public awareness of periodontal diseases.

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