DOI: 10.21121/eab.1369095 ISSN: 1303-099X

An Experimental Study to Determine Nutrition Profile Warning Message Effectiveness in Food Advertisements

  • General Engineering
In our country, with the regulations implemented by the Ministry of Health, RTÜK and the Ministry of Commerce, bans on some food products have been placed in television advertisements and the inclusion of flowband messages in food advertisements has become a legal requirement. The purpose of this research is to measure the effectiveness of flowband messages with nutritional profile content, which is mandatory in food advertisements. The main assumption of the research is that the effectiveness of the nutrient profile warning message, which is legally mandated and delivered through flowband messages, depends on the level of being seen and perceived by consumers. The effectiveness of flowband messages effectiveness was analyzed using eye tracking method, one of the neuroimaging techniques. As a result of the experimental study, it was determined that the level of focusing on the flowband message, which progresses for exactly 12 seconds in a 16-second commercial film, is 3.7 seconds. In general, it was determined that the flow band message was viewed by very few participants, and the viewers could not perceive the healthy nutrition message as catchy and accurate.

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