DOI: 10.29250/sead.1427349 ISSN: 2548-0898

An Examination of Preschool Children's Play Skills and Independent Learning Behaviors in Turkey

Döndü Neslihan BAY
  • Cell Biology
  • Developmental Biology
  • Embryology
  • Anatomy
Preschool education enables children to develop play skills and independent learning behaviors. This study aims to understand the association between preschool children's play skills and independent learning behaviors. The study was a relational survey model, with 380 children within the 5-year age group attending preschool and kindergarten school in Turkey. The children were observed for one month. Teachers assessed their play skills and independent learning behaviors using the Game Skills Scale (GSS) and Children's Independent Learning Development Checklist (CHILD 3-5). The descriptive result of the study, the children's play skills, and independent learning behaviors were found to be high; there was a significant difference according to gender in favor of girls; and the mean score changed according to the school type (the mean of the children attending kindergarten were higher, but the difference was not significant). A positive and strong relationship was found between children's play skills and independent learning behaviors, indicating that children's play skills had a significant effect on their independent learning behaviors.

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