DOI: 10.1130/g51658.1 ISSN: 0091-7613

An Eoarchean continental nucleus for the Fennoscandian Shield and a link to the North Atlantic craton

Andreas Petersson, Tod Waight, Anthony I.S. Kemp, Martin. J. Whitehouse, John W. Valley
  • Geology

Enabling the build-up of continental crust is a vital step in the stabilization of cratonic lithosphere. However, these initial crustal nuclei are commonly either destroyed by recycling or buried by younger rocks. In the Fennoscandian Shield, the oldest rocks are ca. 3.5 Ga, but ca. 3.7 Ga inherited and detrital zircons suggest the presence of an older, unexposed crustal substrate. We present U-Pb, O, and Hf isotope data from detrital zircons of three major Finnish rivers as well as zircon O and Hf isotope data from previously dated rocks of the Archean Suomujärvi and Pudasjärvi complexes, central Finland. Combined, these data indicate a previously unidentified ca. 3.75 Ga crustal nucleus in the Fennoscandian Shield. This adds to the growing number of Eoarchean nuclei recognized in Archean terranes around the globe, highlighting the importance of such nuclei in enabling the growth of continental crust. The isotope signatures of the Fennoscandian nucleus correlate with equivalent-aged rocks in Greenland, consistent with a common Eoarchean evolution for Fennoscandia and the North Atlantic craton.

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