DOI: 10.1145/3638248 ISSN: 2375-4699

An Ensemble Strategy with Gradient Conflict for Multi-Domain Neural Machine Translation

Zhibo Man, Yujie Zhang, Yu Li, Yuanmeng Chen, Yufeng Chen, Jinan Xu
  • General Computer Science

Multi-domain neural machine translation aims to construct a unified NMT model to translate sentences across various domains. Nevertheless, previous studies have one limitation is the incapacity to acquire both domain-general and specific representations concurrently. To this end, we propose an ensemble strategy with gradient conflict for multi-domain neural machine translation that automatically learns model parameters by identifying both domain-shared and domain-specific features. Specifically, our approach consists of (1) a parameter-sharing framework: the parameters of all the layers are originally shared and equivalent to each domain. (2) ensemble strategy: we design an Extra Ensemble strategy via a piecewise condition function to learn direction and distance-based gradient conflict. In addition, we give a detailed theoretical analysis of the gradient conflict to further validate the effectiveness of our approach. Experimental results on two multi-domain datasets show the superior performance of our proposed model compared to previous work.

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