DOI: 10.3390/app13179718 ISSN:

An Analysis of the Demonstration of Five-Year-Long Creative ICT Education Based on a Hyper-Blended Practical Model in the Era of Intelligent Information Technologies

Eunsun Choi, Jinsu Kim, Namje Park
  • Fluid Flow and Transfer Processes
  • Computer Science Applications
  • Process Chemistry and Technology
  • General Engineering
  • Instrumentation
  • General Materials Science

In anticipation of the advanced information and communication technology (ICT) era’s profound impact on society and industry, the demand for strong technological comprehension and creativity is evident. Addressing this societal need, we have developed a hyper-blended educational model and program. It focuses on cultivating creative thinking and ICT understanding, tailored for elementary/middle school students, educators, administrators, and the public. Our program employs innovative pedagogical methods, encompassing subjects such as artificial intelligence (AI) ethics, blockchain, and cloud computing, providing forward-looking perspectives. With techniques such as Havruta dialogue and quantum learning, we promote engaging, convergent thinking. We blend artistic expression, physical activities, and technical education to encourage administrators’ creativity within educational settings. Over 2017–2021, involving 9596 participants, we observed consistently high satisfaction scores of around 4 on a 1–5 scale, with statistical significance. This underscores our program’s success in fostering creative thinking and ICT understanding across diverse domains. In conclusion, our study addresses the vital need for creativity and tech comprehension in an intricate technological landscape. Our hyper blended practical model (HPBM) serves diverse training groups, equipping them for future challenges. These findings guide future educational pursuits, emphasizing a seamless integration of creativity and tech understanding.

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