DOI: 10.52403/ijrr.20231269 ISSN: 2349-9788

An Alternative Method of Management of a Separated Endodontic File Beyond the Apex - A Case Report

Ekaterina Karteva, Stefan Nyagolov
  • General Mathematics

Endodontic instrument fracture is a prevalent challenge in root canal therapy, often leading to treatment complications and increased procedural difficulty. This case report presents an alternative way of treating an endodontic file separated in the apical third of the mesio-buccal canal of a lower molar. Due to the strategic importance of the tooth, the considerable apical curvature and patient’s requirements, the clinicians opted for deliberate extrusion of the broken fragment into the periodical tissues, thus hermetically sealing the endodontic space. This approach has the potential to offer a less traumatic treatment option under certain conditions. Keywords: separated, file, fracture, management, alternative