DOI: 10.3390/aerospace10090775 ISSN:

AMU-LED Cranfield Flight Trials for Demonstrating the Advanced Air Mobility Concept

Arinc Tutku Altun, Mehmet Hasanzade, Emre Saldiran, Guney Guner, Mevlut Uzun, Rodolphe Fremond, Yiwen Tang, Prithiviraj Bhundoo, Yu Su, Yan Xu, Gokhan Inalhan, Michael W. Hardt, Alejandro Fransoy, Ajay Modha, Jose Antonio Tena, Cesar Nieto, Miguel Vilaplana, Marta Tojal, Victor Gordo, Pablo Menendez, Ana Gonzalez
  • Aerospace Engineering

Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) is a concept that is expected to transform the current air transportation system and provide more flexibility, agility, and accessibility by extending the operations to urban environments. This study focuses on flight test, integration, and analysis considerations for the feasibility of the future AAM concept and showcases the outputs of the Air Mobility Urban-Large Experimental Demonstration (AMU-LED) project demonstrations at Cranfield University. The purpose of the Cranfield demonstrations is to explore the integrated decentralized architecture of the AAM concept with layered airspace structure through various use cases within a co-simulation environment consisting of real and simulated standard-performing vehicle (SPV) and high-performing vehicle (HPV) flights, manned, and general aviation flights. Throughout the real and simulated flights, advanced U-space services are demonstrated and contingency management activities, including emergency operations and landing, are tested within the developed co-simulation environment. Moreover, flight tests are verified and validated through key performance indicator analysis, along with a social acceptance study. Future recommendations on relevant industrial and regulative activities are provided.

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