DOI: 10.1002/ddr.22100 ISSN:

Allosteric modulation of SHP2: Quest from known to unknown

Ning Wang, Shilin Zhu, Dan Lv, Yajun Wang, Muhammad B. Khawar, Haibo Sun
  • Drug Discovery


Src homology‐2 domain‐containing protein tyrosine phosphatase‐2 (SHP2) is a key regulatory factor in the cell cycle and its activating mutations play an important role in the development of various cancers, making it an important target for antitumor drugs. Due to the highly conserved amino acid sequence and positively charged nature of the active site of SHP2, it is difficult to discover inhibitors with high affinity for the catalytic site of SHP2 and sufficient cell permeability, making it considered an “undruggable” target. However, the discovery of allosteric regulation mechanisms provides new opportunities for transforming undruggable targets into druggable ones. Given the limitations of orthosteric inhibitors, SHP2 allosteric inhibitors have become a more selective and safer research direction. In this review, we elucidate the oncogenic mechanism of SHP2 and summarize the discovery methods of SHP2 allosteric inhibitors, providing new strategies for the design and improvement of SHP2 allosteric inhibitors.

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