DOI: 10.1063/5.0175990 ISSN: 2158-3226

All-dielectric polarization conversion metasurface achieved by high-permittivity ceramics

Liyang Li, Jiafu Wang, Mingbao Yan, Mingde Feng, Shaobo Qu
  • General Physics and Astronomy

In this letter, we propose the design and manufacture of an all-dielectric metasurface using high-permittivity ceramics. The unit structure consists of a rectangular ceramic, which is asymmetric in the x and y direction. Electric and magnetic resonances are generated to form cross-polarization reflection. As an example, cross-polarization reflection is demonstrated both numerically and experimentally. This work not only gives the designing method but also discusses how to manufacture a large sample and the difference between ideal simulation and the practical sample. After a large number of simulations and experiments, the feasible design methods and problems needing attention in design are given. The experiment result is according to the adjusted simulated result. The result confirms the feasibility of the design and processing of an all-dielectric metasurface in the microwave band. If we can find a suitable material preparation process or optimize the unit structure that is easy to process, the all-dielectric polarization conversion metasurface can realize a maximum conversion efficiency of nearly 100% and form a broadband working band. Since such metasurfaces are made of low-loss high-permittivity ceramics, they are of important value especially in high temperature or high-power applications. This method can also be used to design all-dielectric metasurfaces in other frequencies by changing the geometry parameters.

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