DOI: 10.2298/gsf2328047r ISSN: 0353-4537

Algorithm of the procedure of “model” cutting of roundwood and calculation of wood values for the creation of a computer program

Nenad Rankovic, Nenad Keca
  • General Engineering

There are different needs in forestry for information on the assortment structure of an individual tree or the entire stand. This information is of particular importance for assessing the value of wood, then calculating different types of taxes, as well as when evaluating investments. In order to carry out the aforementioned tasks, it was necessary to devise such a way of obtaining information about the assortment structure that does not involve felling trees and the standard procedure of cutting them. That?s how the idea of ?model? (virtual) tailoring came about, which is based only on tree dimensions (chest diameter and height) with data from the standard for forest wood assortments. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that in this case it is an ideal assortment structure, which cannot be realized in reality, which makes the application of this method conditional on a later correction, which would make the assortment structure (or the value of wood, which is based on such a structure) calculated) corrected and harmonized with the actual situation. In this sense, this work presents the procedure of ?model? tree trimming and the algorithm for creating a computer program, which would automate and greatly speed up this work.

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