DOI: 10.2166/ws.2023.215 ISSN:

Agricultural wetland utilization based on land cover restoration and water–ecosystem nexus

Jing Li, Weiwei Liu, Ying Zhang
  • Water Science and Technology


Wetlands, as a special ecological environment, are not only important biodiversity conservation areas but also one of the important agricultural resources. Agriculture plays an irreplaceable role in human society. It is directly related to human survival and development, and is also a part of people's environmental awareness and cultural inheritance. Based on the principles of sustainable development and strengthening environmental protection, people should pay more attention to the development and improvement of agriculture. However, with the advancement of urbanization, the area of wetlands continues to decrease, causing damage to ecosystems and posing a threat to some agricultural production. This article combined the transfer matrix of agricultural wetland utilization, landscape change rate, and landscape pattern index, used RS (Remote Sensing) and GIS (Geographic Information System) technologies to analyze the dynamic changes in agricultural wetland utilization and landscape of Honghu Lake in the Four Lakes region, and explored its changing factors. The results indicated that the construction land area showed an increasing trend in 2016, 2019, and 2022, while the wetland area of rice fields showed a first decreasing and then increasing trend.

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