Kiran Thampi, Lija Mary Mathew

Aging in Place for Community-Dwelling Older Adults in India: A Qualitative Exploration of Prospects and Challenges

  • Geriatrics and Gerontology

As global population ages, “Aging in Place” is prioritized as the top aging strategy for many of the older adults worldwide. India, being a nation that is expected to hold the maximum share of the older adult population in the near future, has a huge responsibility vested in it to take care of the needs of older adults. The social structure of the nation has emphasized the importance of older adults to age in place, experiencing all the independence and autonomy at their own dwelling places for as long as possible. This study aims to provide a profound understanding of the meaning, attitude, and perceptions of older adults toward aging in place. Using a qualitative research design, in-depth interviews were conducted among 15 community-dwelling older adults who chose aging in place in Kerala, India. Following the interviews, thematic network analysis was done, inspired by Jennifer Attride-Stirling. Three global themes were derived, which include the older adults’ perspectives on (1) determinants of aging in place, (2) challenges of aging in place, and (3) strategies for successful aging in place. The study evokes in-depth exploration of the experiences of older adults aging in place, which inform future evidence-based practices and policy-level implications.

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