DOI: 10.18254/s207751800028426-7 ISSN: 2077-5180

Agent-based Modeling of Sustainable Forestry Activities

Dmitry Alferev
  • General Engineering

The review outlines the main aspects of the agent-based approach to modeling. Forestry is considered through the prism of his concepts. The research tools were general scientific methods, widely used and applied in the study of various scientific sources. As a result, the key points inherent in the agent approach at the present time were generalized and systematized; the main agents of forestry have been identified, which will have to be modeled when managing the economic activities of the forestry industry; the main indicators are identified through which reforestation and forest reproduction can be fairly accurately predicted; a review of modern domestic experience and practices in forest resource management was conducted. The prepared work may be useful to specialists involved in modeling issues and problems, especially in the areas of forest economics and ecology.

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