DOI: 10.2478/bhee-2023-0018 ISSN: 2566-3151

Aerovalved Pulse Combustor for Enhancing Efficiency and Sustainability of Fossil Energy Conversion

Izet Smajević, Kemal Hanjalić


The paper actualizes earlier research in developing a pulse combustion technique for enhancing the efficacy of utility and industrial boilers and furnaces. Some unpublished results of the experimental investigation of self-sustained pulsating combustion of a gas fuel in an aerovalved pulse combustor (PC) are presented. Relationships have been established between all important design and operating parameters and the combustion characteristics. It was demonstrated that a well-designed pulse combustor can operate efficiently in a stable self-pumping regime in a wide range of operating conditions with the loading from 20% to 100% of the maximum power. While a PC can operate autonomously as a gas burner, the present focus is on their use for mitigating slug and ash deposits on heating surfaces of coal- or biomass fired power and industrial boilers, thus providing an alternative to the proven detonation pulse (DPC) or other techniques for on-line cleaning of heating surfaces during the operation of power and industrial boilers.

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