Song Mao, Zhenping Yin, Longlong Wang, Yubin Wei, Zhichao Bu, Yubao Chen, Yaru Dai, Detlef Müller, Xuan Wang

Aerosol Optical Properties Retrieved by Polarization Raman Lidar: Methodology and Strategy of a Quality-Assurance Tool

  • General Earth and Planetary Sciences

Aerosol optical properties retrieved using polarization Raman lidar observations play an increasingly vital role in meteorology and environmental protection. The quality of the data products directly affects the impact of relevant scientific applications. However, the quality of aerosol optical properties retrieved from polarization Raman lidar signals is difficult to assess. Various factors, such as hardware system performance, retrieval algorithm, and meteorological conditions at the observation site, influence data quality. In this study, we propose a method that allows for assessing the reliability of aerosol optical properties derived from polarization Raman lidar observations. We analyze the factors that affect the reliability of retrieved aerosol optical properties. We use scoring methods combined with a weight-assignment scheme to evaluate the quality of the retrieved aerosol optical properties. The scores and weights of each factor are arranged based on our analysis of a simulation study and the characteristics of each factor. We developed an automatic retrieval algorithm that allows for deriving homogeneous aerosol optical data sets. We also assess with this method the quality of retrieved aerosol optical properties obtained with different polarization Raman lidars under different measurement scenarios. Our results show that the proposed quality assurance method can distinguish the reliability of the retrieved aerosol optical properties.

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