DOI: 10.3390/aerospace10080726 ISSN:

Aero-Engine Preliminary Design Optimization and Operability Studies Supported by a Compressor Mean-Line Design Module

Alexios Alexiou, Ioannis Kolias, Nikolaos Aretakis, Konstantinos Mathioudakis
  • Aerospace Engineering

An approach for preliminary aero-engine design, incorporating a mean-line code for the design of axial-flow, multi-stage compressors, is presented. The compressor mean-line code is developed and integrated within a framework for the preliminary design and assessment of aero-engine concepts. It is then combined with modules for compressor map generation, multi-point engine design, steady-state and transient engine off-design performance and aircraft mission analysis. Implementation examples are presented, demonstrating the determination of the optimal combination of compressor and engine design parameters for achieving minimum fuel burn over a specific aircraft mission, while obeying constraints that guarantee operability over the entire flight envelope. Constraints related to compressor stability during transient maneuvers between idle and static take-off conditions and engine temperature limits at maximum take-off are respected by the final design. The results demonstrate the potential for design trade-offs between engine performance at the aircraft mission level and compressor aerodynamic stability.

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