DOI: 10.1002/btpr.3434 ISSN: 8756-7938

Advancing multiproduct resin reuse for development and clinical manufacturing of an antibody‐based therapeutic

Hong Li, Patricia Rose, Patricia Rowicki, Collette Cutler, Jeffrey T. McPhee, Claudia Frey, Linda Lemieux, Gerald Pelette, Joo Kok Ang, Ren Liu, Douglas D. Richardson
  • Biotechnology


Chromatography resins used for purifying biopharmaceuticals are generally dedicated to a single product. For clinical manufacturing, this can result in resin being used only for a fraction of its potential lifetime. Extending the use of resins to multiple products can significantly reduce resin waste and cost. It can also improve manufacturing flexibility in case of raw material shortage during times such as the COVID‐19 pandemic. The work presented herein describes an overarching multiproduct resin reuse (MRR) strategy, which includes a risk assessment, strategic planning, small‐scale feasibility runs, and the successful execution of the MRR strategy to support Good manufacturing practice (GMP) clinical manufacturing of an antibody‐based therapeutic. Specifically, an anion exchange (AEX) and cation exchange (CEX) MRR strategy is described. Clearance of carryover biological product is demonstrated by first cleaning the AEX and CEX manufacturing columns with sodium hydroxide to ensure inactivation and degradation of the carryover protein and followed by a blank buffer elution that is tested using various analytical methodologies to ensure reduction of the carryover protein to an acceptable level. To our knowledge, this is the first time an MRR approach has been successfully implemented and submitted to health authorities to support biologic GMP clinical manufacture.

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