DOI: 10.2174/0115734110287852240228064645 ISSN: 1573-4110

Advancing Diagnostics: Evaluating the Potential of Nanoparticle-Based Immunoassays as PCR Alternatives for Disease Confirmation

Aditya Kurdekar, Venkataramaniah Kamisetti
  • Analytical Chemistry


In diagnostic technologies, searching for quick, accurate, and cost-efficient ways to confirm diseases has prompted the investigation of alternative methodologies to classic PCR-based tests. This article delves into the growing field of nanoparticle-based immunoassays, offering a comprehensive evaluation of their potential as viable alternatives to PCR for disease diagnostics. We discuss the basic principles of nanoparticle-based immunoassays, highlighting their distinctive capacity to combine the specialized binding characteristics of antibodies with the improved detection capacities of nanoparticles. The article compares the performance attributes of nanoparticle-based immunoassays compared to PCR, focusing on sensitivity, specificity, and detection speed. We further delve into a novel diagnostic technology, immuno-PCR, which integrates the strengths of immunoassays and PCR techniques. Healthcare systems and stakeholders must comprehend and implement novel diagnostic procedures emphasizing accuracy and sensitivity as the diagnostic landscape advances globally. This review contributes to the advancement of diagnostics by synthesizing current research and suggesting future directions for development. It highlights the transformative potential of current and emerging methods in shaping the future of disease diagnostics.

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