DOI: 10.1002/ardp.202300652 ISSN: 0365-6233

Advances in sample preparation methods for pesticide residue analysis in medicinal plants: A focus on Nepal

Sudip Pandey, Poonam Pant, Stefano Dall'Acqua
  • Drug Discovery
  • Pharmaceutical Science


Medicinal plant safety is a rising challenge worldwide due to the continued overuse of pesticides to their maximum residue limits. Due to the high demand for medicinal plants, their production is being increased and sometimes protected by pesticide use. The analysis of these residues requires robust analytical methods to ensure the safety and quality of medicinal plants. Developing effective sample preparation for detecting pesticides is challenging, due to their diverse natures, classes, and physico‐chemical characteristics. Hence, existing techniques and strategies are needed to improve the reliability of the results. The review discusses the current state of sample preparation techniques, analytical methods, and instrumental technologies employed in pesticide residue analysis in medicinal plants. It highlights the challenges, limitations, and advancements in the field, providing insights into the analytical strategies used to detect and quantify pesticide residues. Reliable, accessible, affordable, and high‐resolution analytical procedures are essential to ensure that pesticide levels in medicinal plants are effectively regulated. By understanding the complexities of pesticide residue analysis in medicinal plants, this review article aims to support the conservation of medicinal plant resources, promote public health, and contribute to the development of sustainable strategies for ensuring the safety and quality of medicinal plants in Nepal. The findings of this review will benefit researchers, policymakers, and stakeholders involved in the conservation of medicinal plant resources and the promotion of public health.

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