DOI: 10.1093/oncolo/oyad223 ISSN:

Adjuvant Systemic Therapies for Resected Stages III and IV Melanoma: A Multi-Center Retrospective Clinical Study

Rodrigo Rigo, Philip Q Ding, Eugene Batuyong, Winson Y Cheung, John Walker, Jose G Monzon, Tina Cheng
  • Cancer Research
  • Oncology



Adjuvant therapies have been approved for resected melanoma based on improved recurrence-free survival. We present early findings from a real-world study on adjuvant treatments for melanoma.


A comprehensive chart review was conducted for patients receiving adjuvant systemic therapy for resected high-risk stages III and IV melanoma. Statistical analysis was performed to assess recurrence-free survival and subgroup differences.


A total of 149 patients (median age = 58.0 years, 61.1% men, 49.7% with BRAF V600E/K genotypes) were included, with 94.6% having resected stage III melanoma. Anti-PD-1 immunotherapy was received by 86.5% of patients, while 13.4% received BRAF-targeted therapy. At a median follow-up of 22.4 months, the recurrence rate was 31.5%, with 1-year and 2-year recurrence-free survival rates of 79% and 62%, respectively. Similar recurrence rates were observed between anti-PD-1 immunotherapy and BRAF-targeted therapy. Long-term toxicity affected 27.4% of patients, with endocrinopathies and late-emergent immune-related adverse events being common.


Real-world adjuvant systemic therapy aligns with clinical trial practice. Recurrence rates remain high despite treatment, and long-term toxicities, including endocrinopathies and chronic inflammatory conditions, are not uncommon.

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