DOI: 10.3390/math12010133 ISSN: 2227-7390

Adaptive Neural Consensus of Unknown Non-Linear Multi-Agent Systems with Communication Noises under Markov Switching Topologies

Shaoyan Guo, Longhan Xie
  • General Mathematics
  • Engineering (miscellaneous)
  • Computer Science (miscellaneous)

In this paper, the adaptive consensus problem of unknown non-linear multi-agent systems (MAs) with communication noises under Markov switching topologies is studied. Based on the adaptive control theory, a novel distributed control protocol for non-linear multi-agent systems is designed. It consists of the local interfered relative information and the estimation of the unknown dynamic. The Radial Basis Function networks (RBFNNs) approximate the nonlinear dynamic, and the estimated weight matrix is updated by utilizing the measurable state information. Then, using the stochastic Lyapunov analysis method, conditions for attaining consensus are derived on the consensus gain and the weight of RBFNNs. The main findings of this paper are as follows: the consensus control of multi-agent systems under more complicated and practical circumstances, including unknown nonlinear dynamic, Markov switching topologies and communication noises, is discussed; the nonlinear dynamic is approximated based on the RBFNNs and the local interfered relative information; the consensus gain k must to be small to guarantee the consensus performance; and the proposed algorithm is validated by the numerical simulations finally.