DOI: 10.31857/s020736760027642-5 ISSN: 0207-3676

Activation of R&D in the field of electronic engineering to ensure technological independence

Svetlana Ilyina
  • General Engineering

The article is devoted to a comprehensive study of the state and development prospects for Russian electronic engineering, in particular semiconductor lithography systems. Based on the analysis of the global market, it is stated that about 98% of the semiconductor lithography systems manufactured are under sanctions, and Chinese equipment is almost the only available option for import. The study showed that scientific schools and organizations with the potential to develop and produce such complex equipment have been preserved and continue to work in Russia. At the same time, state measures to support domestic developers are more of a selective nature, a transition to a comprehensive full-cycle support system is necessary. One of the solutions to provide system support can be the implementation of the concept of "cross-cutting projects".

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