DOI: 10.1063/5.0179484 ISSN: 2166-532X

Acoustic coherent perfect absorption based on a PT symmetric coupled Mie resonator system

Fangfang Ju, Chen Liu, Ying Cheng, Shengyou Qian, Xiaojun Liu
  • General Engineering
  • General Materials Science

Parity-time (PT) symmetric coupled resonator systems have exhibited intriguing and unexpected properties in optics and electronics. Here, we extend it to acoustics and report a coupled Mie resonators (MRs) system respecting PT symmetry. The system is constructed with two parallel waveguides connected by an aperture and two MRs placed symmetrically at both sides of the aperture. Instead of using active elements or complex refractive index modulation without gain, we exploit the incident waves of the waveguide as an effective gain so that PT symmetry with balanced loss and gain is realized by only passive materials. Coherent perfect absorption (CPA), which can completely absorb the in-phase excitations with the same intensity provided from two opposite directions, is observed in the PT symmetric phase and at the exceptional point but not in the broken phase. In addition, by varying the relative phase between the two incident waves, the coherent absorption can be tuned from CPA to zero. Our design may provide a flexible platform to research PT symmetry in acoustics and may have applications in tunable noise control, acoustic modulators, and switches.

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