DOI: 10.1002/adhm.202303268 ISSN: 2192-2640

Achieving Complete Tumor Clearance: A Minimalist Manganese Hydrogel for Magnetic Resonance Imaging‐Guided Synergetic Microwave Ablation and Chemodynamic Therapy

Yan Zhou, Gang Shu, Ying Luo, Fengmei Wang, Xiang Jing, Jinbin Pan, Shao‐Kai Sun
  • Pharmaceutical Science
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Biomaterials


The combination of microwave ablation (MWA) and chemodynamic therapy (CDT) presents a promising strategy for complete eradication of residual tumor after MWA. However, it remains challenging and urgent to develop a facile, biocompatible, and imaging‐guided platform for the achievement of this goal. Herein, we propose a minimalist manganese hydrogel (ALG‐Mn hydrogel) for synergistic MWA and CDT to completely eradicate tumor in vivo. The ALG‐Mn hydrogel is prepared using a simple mixing method and exhibited excellent syringeability, remarkable microwave sensitivity, and potent Fenton‐like activity. By assisting in MWA procedures, the ALG‐Mn hydrogel enables both elimination of primary tumor mass through enhanced MWA efficacy and eradication of potential residual tumor tissues via robust CDT. This approach achieves complete tumor clearance without requiring additional drug loading. Furthermore, the paramagnetic Mn2+ component allows real‐time dynamic visualization of the ALG‐Mn hydrogel at the tumor site via magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). To our best of knowledge, the proposed ALG‐Mn hydrogel represents the minimalist biocompatible platform for imaging‐guided synergistic MWA and CDT towards achieving complete tumor clearance.

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