Ming-Gin Lee, Yung-Chih Wang, Wei-Chien Wang, Yi-Cheng Hsieh

Abrasion and Maintenance of High-Strength Fiber-Reinforced Pervious Concrete

  • Building and Construction
  • Civil and Structural Engineering
  • Architecture

This study examines the properties of ordinary and high-strength fiber-reinforced pervious concrete, aiming for a 28-day compressive strength exceeding 40 MPa with a target porosity close to 15%. Utilizing glass fiber (at 0.25% and 0.5% volume ratios) and steel fiber (at 1% and 2%), the study conducts mechanical and abrasion resistance testing on pervious concrete specimens. Sand dust clogging experimental simulations assess permeability coefficients for both application and maintenance purposes, revealing optimized maintenance, including vacuum cleaning and high-pressure washing, can restore water permeability to over 60%. The specific mix designs demonstrate high-strength pervious concrete achieves a 28-day compressive strength ranging from 40 to 52 MPa, with corresponding porosities ranging from 7% to 16%. Results highlight the significant impact of the ASTM C1747 impact abrasion test, where ordinary pervious concrete exhibits a cumulative impact abrasion rate reaching 60%, contrasting with approximately 20% for other high-strength specimens.

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