C.‐W. Jun, Y. Miyoshi, S. Nakamura, M. Shoji, T. Hori, J. Bortnik, L. Lyons, I. Shinohara, A. Matsuoka

A Triggering Process for Nonlinear EMIC Waves Driven by the Compression of the Dayside Magnetosphere

  • General Earth and Planetary Sciences
  • Geophysics

AbstractUsing the Arase and Van Allen Probes satellite observations, we investigate the nonlinear electromagnetic ion cyclotron (EMIC) rising‐tone (RT) emissions with an increase of the solar wind dynamic pressure in the dayside magnetosphere. We find that EMIC RT emissions are accompanied by the extended dayside uniform zone (DUZ) over |MLAT| < 25° due to the dayside magnetospheric compression by an increase in Pdyn. Using the observed plasma and magnetic field data, we modeled the threshold amplitude for the nonlinear EMIC waves and compared it with the observation. The small gradient of the ambient magnetic field strongly contributes to the reduction in the threshold amplitude of nonlinear wave growth compared to other parameters. When the threshold amplitude falls to comparable level of pre‐existing EMIC waves, EMIC RT emissions are immediately triggered, suggesting direct evidence that the DUZ is the preferred condition to cause the nonlinear EMIC RT emission in the dayside magnetosphere.

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