DOI: 10.1002/eng2.12760 ISSN:

A survey on applications of the semi‐tensor product method in Boolean control networks with time delays

Tiantian Mu, Jun‐e Feng
  • General Engineering
  • General Computer Science


As regulatory networks that simulate and establish gene interactions, Boolean networks (BNs) exhibit significant delays in state updates or trajectory tracking due to environmental factors in practical applications. This paper provides a comprehensive knowledge overview of Boolean control networks with time delays (TBCNs) via the semi‐tensor product theory (STP), which includes the history of BNs, the property of STP, several issues of TBCNs and future prospects. The related problems contain controllability and reachability, observability and detectability, stability and stabilization, synchronization, output tracking and regulation, and other issues. Finally, it also points out that some areas still need further research and promotion, such as disturbance decoupling, system decomposition, identification, deep reinforcement learning, and so forth.

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