DOI: 10.1093/mnras/stad3947 ISSN: 0035-8711

A survey of molecular line emission towards Herbig Be star V645 Cyg

A D Gimalieva, M S Kirsanova, S V Salii, S V Kalenskii, A O H Olofsson, A P Topchieva
  • Space and Planetary Science
  • Astronomy and Astrophysics


We present a survey of molecular line emission towards the molecular cloud surrounding Herbig Be star V645 Cyg. The survey was performed with the 20m Onsala space telescope at 3 and 4 mm. We detected emission lines of 33 molecules and their isotopologues from diatomic molecules to four COMs up to 7 atoms. Using detected lines, we estimated molecular column densities and abundances relative to molecular hydrogen in LTE approximation for all molecules except for methanol, for which we obtained physical parameters using a non-LTE model. Moreover, in the basement of the non-LTE model of methanol line emission, we consider that there is a weak maser effect in the additional spectral component of 51 − 40 E methanol line at 84.521 GHz. We compared the molecular abundances with values found in several astrochemical templates: molecular clouds, hot cores, photo-dissociation regions, and found that signatures of these different types can be found towards V645 Cyg. We also obtained maps of the cloud in several molecular emission lines. The peaks of CO and CH3OH emission are shifted from the direction of the star, but the CS, HCO+, HNC, HCN and N2H+ emission peaks are observed directly towards the star. Exploring the gas kinematics around V645 Cyg, we found that velocity structure in the ambient molecular cloud on the scale ≈1.6 − 2.0 pc is not the same as within ≈0.5 pc found previously by other authors.

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