Yinuo Wang, Hongming Xu, Yushen Liu, Juhee Jang, Xiaoyi Qiu, Ernest P. Delmo, Qinglan Zhao, Ping Gao, Minhua Shao

A Sulfur‐Doped Copper Catalyst with Efficient Electrocatalytic Formate Generation during the Electrochemical Carbon Dioxide Reduction Reaction

  • General Chemistry
  • Catalysis

Catalysts involving post‐transition metals have shown almost invincible performance on generating formate in electrochemical CO2 reduction reaction (CO2RR). Conversely, Cu without post‐transition metals have struggled to achieve comparable activity. In this study, a sulfur (S)‐doped‐copper (Cu)‐based catalyst is developed, exhibiting excellent performance in formate generation with a maximum Faradaic efficiency of 92% and a partial current density of 321 mA cm‐2. Ex‐situ structural elucidations reveal the presence of abundant grain boundaries and high retention of S‐S bonds from the covellite phase during CO2RR. Furthermore, thermodynamic calculations demonstrate that S‐S bonds can moderate the binding energies with various intermediates, further improving the activity of the formate pathway. This work is significant in modifying a low‐cost catalyst (Cu) with a non‐metallic substance (S) to achieve comparable performance to mainstream catalysts for formate generation in industrial grade.

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