DOI: 10.17275/per. ISSN:

A Study on the Predictability of Students’ Grit by their Growth Mindset

Süleyman Barbaros YALCİN, Ercan YILMAZ
  • Developmental and Educational Psychology
  • Education
The purpose of this study is to test the growth mindset theories of high school students' grits with explanatory models. The correlational design of the quantitative research approach was used in the current study. This study consists of 35000 students studying secondary education in the city center of Konya, Türkiye. The sample of this study consists of 783 students to whom the scales were applied in the selected schools. The study results highlighted a negative significant relationship between the fixed mindset dimension of Mindset Theories, belief in invariance and procrastination sub-dimension scores of high school students, and the perseverance of effort and consistency of interest scores of their grits. The fixed mindset dimension predicts 12.6% of students' grits' consistency of interest and perseverance of effort, 3.6% of the variability in belief in invariance sub-dimension, and 17.3% of the variability in the procrastination. While the consistency of interest dimension of the students' grits does not have a significant predictor of the growth mindset dimension of mindset theories, it has a significant predictor of the variability in the fixed mindset dimension. The study found that the consistency of interest fixed mindset predicted the variability in the procrastination dimension more. It can be suggested to organize training, activities, and projects for the development of students' grit, and to test grit and mindset theories across cultures by conducting similar studies in different countries.

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