M. Chandra Mathy, M. P. Abdul Kader Jeylani

A Study of Chintamani Maruthuvam Practices in Kanyakumari District

  • General Mathematics

Background: Indigenous or folk medicine and traditional medicine both include aspects of traditional knowledge related to health. According to WHO, traditional medicine is the culmination of all knowledge, abilities, and procedures based on the theories, convictions, and experiences of Indigenous cultures. There are numerous traditional practitioners in India, particularly in the north east and southern regions. Traditional medicine is the age-old, cross-cultural tradition of medicine that is still used in modern society. One of the customs still practiced in the Kanyakumari district is the traditional CHINTAMANI MARUTHUVAM. Methods: The study is a qualitative cross sectional observational study done over a period of 4 months. 7 Practitioners of Kanyakumari district practicing Chintamani Maruthuvam were questioned to explore the Traditional practice of Chintamani Maruthuvam and to know the various diagnostic methods and treatments. Results: Important internal medicines used were Vida mai, Varmani kuliga, Prasava lehgyam, Uthratcha thylum, Urai mathirai, leaf extract for snake bite, Kaya sarvangam, Vida murivu karkam, Dysmenorrhea karkam. External medicines used were Nanjurinji Kuzhambu, Nanjurinji Kal, Vida murivu eye drops, Kaal aani kalimbu, Uthratcha thylum, Rasnathi chooranam, Anti-rabies medicine for cow and Vida kadi paste. Conclusion: Chintamani Maruthuvam represents an age-old medicinal practice rooted in Kanyakumari district. This traditional approach employs various techniques, including varmam, kalari, and the use of external and internal medications. The remedies offered have proven effective in treating serious conditions like strokes, poisonings, snake bites, and skin diseases. As a result, this form of medicine is deemed invaluable and warrants further research and exploration. Keywords: Chintamani maruthuvam, Traditional medicine, Varmam

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