DOI: 10.3390/acoustics5030044 ISSN: 2624-599X

A Stable IIR Filter Design Approach for High-Order Active Noise Control Applications

Yongjie Zhuang, Yangfan Liu
  • Acoustics and Ultrasonics

In commercial non-adaptive active noise control (ANC) applications, an IIR filter structure is often used to reduce real-time computations. On the contrary, an FIR filter structure is usually preferred in the filter design phase because the FIR filter design formulation can be convex and is simple to solve. To combine the benefits of both FIR and IIR filter structures, one common approach in ANC applications is to use an IIR filter structure to fit a pre-designed FIR filter. However, to ensure stability, most of the common IIR filter fitting approaches involve the computation and relocation of poles which can be difficult for high-order cases. In this current work, a stable IIR filter design approach that does not need the computation and relocation of poles is improved to be applicable in ANC applications. The results demonstrate that the proposed method can achieve better fitting accuracy and steady-state noise control performance in high-order non-adaptive applications when the pre-designed noise control FIR filter is fitted. Besides fitting the noise control filter, the proposed method can also be used to fit the secondary path and acoustic feedback path to reduce the required real-time computations if adaptive controllers are applied.

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