Yanqiang Huo, Han Zhang, Yuan Tian, Zijian Wang, Jianqing Wu, Xinpeng Yao

A Spatiotemporal Graph Neural Network with Graph Adaptive and Attention Mechanisms for Traffic Flow Prediction

  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Computer Networks and Communications
  • Hardware and Architecture
  • Signal Processing
  • Control and Systems Engineering

This study addresses the complex challenges associated with road traffic flow prediction and congestion management through the enhancement of the attention-based spatiotemporal graph convolutional network (ASTGCN) algorithm. Leveraging toll data and real-time traffic flow information from Orange County, California, the algorithm undergoes refinement to adeptly capture abrupt changes in road traffic dynamics and identify instances of acute congestion. The optimization of the graph structure is approached from both macro and micro perspectives, incorporating key factors such as road toll information, node connectivity, and spatial distances. A novel graph self-learning module is introduced to facilitate real-time adjustments, while an attention mechanism is seamlessly integrated into the spatiotemporal graph convolution module. The resultant model, termed AASTGNet, exhibits superior predictive accuracy compared to existing methodologies, with MAE, RMSE, and MAPE values of 8.6204, 14.0779, and 0.2402, respectively. This study emphasizes the importance of incorporating tolling schemes in road traffic flow prediction, addresses static graph structure limitations, and adapts dynamically to temporal variations and unexpected road events. The findings contribute to advancing the field of traffic prediction and congestion management, providing valuable insights for future research and practical applications.

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