DOI: 10.1002/adfm.202306591 ISSN:

A Skin‐Bioinspired Urchin‐Like Microstructure‐Contained Photothermal‐Therapy Flexible Electronics for Ultrasensitive Human‐Interactive Sensing

Ming Lu, Chenlin Huang, Zhishan Xu, Yue Yuan, Mingcheng Wang, Mingyue Xiao, Liqun Zhang, Pengbo Wan
  • Electrochemistry
  • Condensed Matter Physics
  • Biomaterials
  • Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials


Wearable electronic sensors have attracted extensive attention in multifunctional electronic skin, personalized health monitoring, intelligent human–machine interaction, and smart medical treatment. However, critical challenge exists in simultaneously achieving excellent sensing performances with high sensitivity, rapid response, low sensing limit, and excellent cycling stability for full‐scale human healthcare detection and further timely photothermal therapy. For highly sensitive human skin, the spinosum microstructure in epidermis and dermis takes an important part in sensing signal amplification and transmission. Inspired by the spinosum microstructure of human skin for highly sensitive tactile perception, a skin‐inspired flexible electronic sensor is prepared from the face‐to‐face assembly of an as‐prepared polybutylene adipate‐polyurethane (PBAPU) elastomer matrix with conducting MXene nanosheets‐coated urchin‐like microstructure templated from natural chrysanthemum pollen grain microstructures, and an interdigitated electrode‐coated PBAPU elastomer substrate. The PBAPU elastomer matrix is newly prepared, exhibiting outstanding tensile strength (18.87 MPa), high stretchability (1190%), and comparable elastic modulus (1.7 MPa) to human skin. The as‐assembled flexible electronic sensor exhibits a highly sensitive sensitivity (up to 784.02 kPa−1), low detection limit (0.12 Pa), and reliable cycling stability for intelligent human–machine interfacing. The MXene nanosheets‐coated urchin‐like microstructure‐contained PBAPU possesses efficient photothermal heating performance to achieve on‐demand photothermal therapy for rehabilitation training.

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