Yang Zeng, Yuhan Lin, Ming Ma, Hong Chen

A Review on the Removal of Heavy Metals from Water by Phosphorus-Enriched Biochar

  • Geology
  • Geotechnical Engineering and Engineering Geology

In recent years, the utilization of phosphorus-enriched biochar (PBC) has attracted significant attention due to its exceptional stability and surface reactivity. This review systematically summarizes the advancements in research related to the application of PBC as an adsorbent for remediating water contaminated with heavy metals. Initially, the precursors utilized in the production of PBC, encompassing biomass and phosphorus sources, are introduced. Subsequently, the distinct physicochemical properties and adsorption characteristics resulting from phosphorus doping on the biochar surface through various carbonization processes and parameters are elucidated. Additionally, the diverse adsorption mechanisms employed by PBC in removing heavy metals from water are analyzed. Lastly, future research prospects and associated challenges concerning PBC are presented. This paper aims to furnish comprehensive background information for the practical implementation of PBC in the purification of heavy metal-contaminated water environments.

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