DOI: 10.1002/smll.202309357 ISSN: 1613-6810

A Portable Integrated Electrochemical Sensing System for On‐Site Nitrite Detection in Food

Yu Sun, Hanwen Xu, Daqi Zhou, Chenyu Xia, Wenquan Liu, Anni Cui, Ziyi Wang, Wei Zheng, Guiye Shan, Jipeng Huang, Xin Wang
  • Biomaterials
  • Biotechnology
  • General Materials Science
  • General Chemistry


Ensuring an appropriate nitrite level in food is essential to keep the body healthy. However, it still remains a huge challenge to offer a portable and low‐cost on‐site food nitrite analysis without any expensive equipment. Herein, a portable integrated electrochemical sensing system (IESS) is developed to achieve rapid on‐site nitrite detection in food, which is composed of a low‐cost disposable microfluidic electrochemical patch for few‐shot nitrite detection, and a reusable smartphone‐assisted electronic device based on self‐designed circuit board for signal processing and wireless transmission. The electrochemical patch based on MXene‐Ti3C2Tx/multiwalled carbon nanotubes‐cyanocobalamin (MXene/MWCNTs‐VB12)‐modified working electrode achieves high sensitivity of 10.533 µA m

−1 and low nitrite detection limit of 4.22 µ
owing to strong electron transfer ability of hybrid MXene/MWCNTs conductive matrix and high nitrite selectivity of VB12 bionic enzyme‐based ion‐selective layer. Moreover, the portable IESS can rapidly collect pending testing samples through a microfluidic electrochemical patch within 1.0 s to conduct immediate nitrite analysis, and then wirelessly transmit data from a signal‐processing electronic device to a smartphone via Bluetooth module. Consequently, this proposed portable IESS demonstrates rapid on‐site nitrite analysis and wireless data transmission within one palm‐sized electronic device, which would pave a new avenue in food safety and personal bespoke therapy.

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