DOI: 10.47836/mjms.17.4.11 ISSN: 1823-8343

A Pairing-free Provable Secure and Efficient Identity-based Identification Scheme with Anonymity

R. Kannan, J. J. Chin,, V. T. Goh, S. C. Yip
  • General Mathematics

In this paper, we propose a Blind Identity-Based Identification (Blind IBI) scheme based on the Guillou-Quisquater (GQ) scheme. Our proposed scheme combines the benefits of traditional Identity-Based Identification (IBI) schemes that can authenticate a user's identity without relying on a trusted third party with the Blind Signature (BS) scheme that provides anonymity. As a result, the proposed scheme assures absolute user privacy during the authentication process. It does not rely on a third party, yet the verifier can still be assured of the user's identity without the user actually revealing it. In our work, we show that the proposed scheme is provably secure under the random oracle model, with the assumption that the one-more-RSA-inversion problem is difficult. Furthermore, we demonstrate that the proposed scheme is secure against passive, active, and concurrent impersonation attacks. In conclusion, the proposed scheme is able to achieve the desired blindness property without compromising the security of the GQ-IBI scheme it is based upon.