Huanshan He, Xiang Li, Jintao Li, Yong Ning, Jun Luo, Huaiping Shi

A novel regulatory sex-skewing method that inhibits testicular DPY30 expression to increase female rate of dairy goat offspring

  • Genetics
  • Animal Science and Zoology
  • General Medicine
  • Food Science

Abstract The demand for goat milk products has increased exponentially with the growth of the global population. The shortage of dairy products will be addressed extraordinarily by manipulating the female rate of goat offspring to expand the goat population and goat milk yield. No studies have reported bioinformatic analyses of X-bearing and Y-bearing sperm of dairy goats, although this will contribute to exploring novel and applied sex-skewing technologies. regulatory subunit of the histone methyltransferase complex (DPY30) was identified as the key differentially expressed protein (DEP) among 15 DEPs identified in the present study. The spatiotemporal expression of DPY30 strongly suggested a functional involvement of the protein in spermatogenesis. DPY30 promoted meiosis via upregulating SYCP3, which played a crucial role in mediating sex ratio skewing in goats. Although DPY30 suppressed the self-renewal of spermatogonia stem cells through AKT/PLZF, DPY30 inhibition in the testis didn’t induce testicular dysgenesis. Based on the biosafety assessment in mice testes, lentivirus-mediated DPY30 knockdown in bucks’ testes increased X-bearing sperm proportion and female kids’ rate (22.8 percentage points) without affecting sperm quality, pregnancy rate, and kidding rate. This study provides the first evidence of the DEGs in the sexed sperm of dairy goats. DPY30 inhibition in the testes of bucks increased the female kids’ rate without influencing reproductive performance. The present study provides evidence for expanding the female dairy goat population to address the concern of dairy product shortage.

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