DOI: 10.1111/jace.19635 ISSN: 0002-7820

A novel broadband near‐infrared Ca2Y3Sb3O14: Cr3+ rhombohedral pyrochlores phosphor and its application in pc‐LEDs

Zhexuan Gao, Yi Zhang, Mingxiao Han, Shuyang Chen, Yingguang Li, Jie Li, Jinmeng Guo, Xinfeng Jin, Ying Tian, Degang Deng, Shiqing Xu
  • Materials Chemistry
  • Ceramics and Composites


Recently, there has been a growing demand for broadband near‐infrared (NIR) phosphor. The paper proposes a novel Cr3+ doped Ca2Y3Sb3O14 phosphor through basic research of Ca2Ln3Sb3O14: Cr3+ (Ln = Sc, Lu, and Y) phosphor. Under 467 nm excitation, Ca2Y3Sb3O14: Cr3+ phosphor shows a broad NIR emission band (650–950 nm) centered at 776 nm with a full width at half‐maximum of 110 nm. The optimal Cr3+ doping concentration is 0.05, with an internal quantum efficiency of 78%. Meanwhile, the photoluminescence emission intensity at 373 K remains 61.3% of that at room temperature. Using phosphor‐in‐glass technology, a glass–ceramic plate showed a slight improvement in its thermal stability compared to the pure phosphor. Combining Ca2Y3Sb3O14: 0.05Cr3+ phosphor with a commercial blue‐light‐emitting chip presents an output power of 44.51 mW with a photoelectric conversion efficiency of 14.78% at a drive current of 100 mA. These results suggest that the Ca2Y3Sb3O14: Cr3+ phosphor has great potential in the pc‐light‐emitting diodes.

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