DOI: 10.3390/rs16030601 ISSN: 2072-4292

A Novel Automatic Registration Method for Array InSAR Point Clouds in Urban Scenes

Chenghao Cui, Yuling Liu, Fubo Zhang, Minan Shi, Longyong Chen, Wenjie Li, Zhenhua Li
  • General Earth and Planetary Sciences

The array interferometric synthetic aperture radar (Array InSAR) system resolves shadow issues by employing two scans in opposite directions, facilitating the acquisition of a comprehensive three-dimensional representation of the observed scene. The point clouds obtained from the two scans need to be transformed into the same coordinate system using registration techniques to create a more comprehensive visual representation. However, the two-point clouds lack corresponding points and exhibit distinct geometric distortions, thereby preventing direct registration. This paper analyzes the error characteristics of array InSAR point clouds and proposes a robust registration method for array InSAR point clouds in urban scenes. It represents the 3D information of the point clouds using images, with pixel positions corresponding to the azimuth and ground range directions. Pixel intensity denotes the average height of points within the pixel. The KAZE algorithm and enhanced matching approach are used to obtain the homonymous points of two images, subsequently determining the transformation relationship between them. Experimental results with actual data demonstrate that, for architectural elements within urban scenes, the relative angular differences of registered facades are below 0.5°. As for ground elements, the Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) after registration is less than 1.5 m, thus validating the superiority of the proposed method.

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