DOI: 10.3390/ma16247669 ISSN: 1996-1944

A Novel 3D-Printed Negative-Stiffness Lattice Structure with Internal Resonance Characteristics and Tunable Bandgap Properties

Jiayang Liu, Shu Li
  • General Materials Science

The bandgap tuning potential offered by negative-stiffness lattice structures, characterized by their unique mechanical properties, represents a promising and burgeoning field. The potential of large deformations in lattice structures to transition between stable configurations is explored in this study. This transformation offers a novel method for modifying the frequency range of elastic wave attenuation, simultaneously absorbing energy and effectively generating diverse bandgap ranges. In this paper, an enhanced lattice structure is introduced, building upon the foundation of the normal negative-stiffness lattice structures. The research examined the behavior of the suggested negative-stiffness lattice structures when subjected to uniaxial compression. This included analyzing the dispersion spectra and bandgaps across different states of deformation. It also delved into the effects of geometric parameter changes on bandgap properties. Furthermore, the findings highlight that the normal negative-stiffness lattice structure demonstrates restricted capabilities in attenuating vibrations. In contrast, notable performance improvements are displayed by the improved negative-stiffness lattice structure, featuring distinct energy band structures and variable bandgap ranges in response to differing deformation states. This highlights the feasibility of bandgap tuning through the deformation of negatively stiffened structures. Finally, the overall metamaterial structure is simulated using a unit cell finite element dynamic model, and its vibration transmission properties and frequency response patterns are analyzed. A fresh perspective on the research and design of negative-stiffness lattice structures, particularly focusing on their bandgap tuning capabilities, is offered in this study.

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