DOI: 10.1680/jsmic.22.00039 ISSN:

A new type of bridge structure reinforcement effect evaluation algorithm based on time series

Zhiwei Yin
  • Computer Graphics and Computer-Aided Design
  • Computer Science Applications
  • Civil and Structural Engineering
  • Information Systems

A supplement method based on reusing the original bridge structure is suggested in order to expedite construction and reduce costs. And the theoretical analysis of the single pile bearing capacity is conducted, primarily involving the calculation of bridge pile foundation settlement, horizontal resistance, and axial bearing capacity. At the same time, considering that the time series data generated in the actual process often has characteristics of imbalance between classes, a cost sensitive hybrid network (CSHN) model is also constructed. Its significance is to analyze the bridge reinforcement performance data. The experimental results showed that compared with the cross entropy loss function, the introduction of a cost-sensitive loss function can significantly improve the monitoring accuracy of abnormal data sets. The score of ACC-, G-means, and F-measures is higher than that of specific cross entropy loss function. The permissible bearing capacity of muddy clay determined by a network model complies with engineering standards in the evaluation of bridge reinforcing performance. As a result, the reinforcing reliability of this form of reinforcement is improved.

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