DOI: 10.3390/d15090959 ISSN:

A New Species and Two New Records of the Lichen Genus Fissurina from China

Kaijie Shi, Zefeng Jia, Xin Zhao
  • Nature and Landscape Conservation
  • Agricultural and Biological Sciences (miscellaneous)
  • Ecological Modeling
  • Ecology

The lichenized fungal genus Fissurina with mostly slit-like lirellae, belongs to Graphidaceae and is mainly distributed in tropical and subtropical regions. A total of 17 Fissurina species have been reported from China. During a survey of the lichen diversity of southern China, a new species Fissurina wuyinensis K.J. Shi, Z.F. Jia and X. Zhao, sp. nov. was found, which is characterized by a corticolous thallus without detected secondary substances, uncarbonized lirellae, and an exposed disc with pruina, muriform and amyloid ascospores. Furthermore, two new records of F. pseudostromatica, F. subcomparimuralis have been identified by morphological, anatomical, chemical and molecular studies. Phylogenetic analyses of three loci (ITS, nuLSU and mtSSU) supported the position of these species within Fissurina. Detailed morphological descriptions as well as high-resolution photographs of the morphology and anatomy of the three species are provided, as well as a comparison and discussion of the characteristics of similar species. The studied specimens were deposited in the Fungarium of the College of Life Sciences, Liaocheng University (LCUF).

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